Functional Nutrition Therapy

Work directly with Kate Zink, FNTP and establish a pathway toward achievable and measurable nutrition goals. Learn specifics about what your body needs to thrive. 

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Functional Nutrition Therapy

Functional Nutrition Therapy (FNT) is a highly specified approach to functional, holistic nutrition to balance the clients unique body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. A Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) completes extensive training in Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA), a skill that allows the practitioner to evaluate the body system and organ level nutritional imbalances/deficiencies and offer tailored recommendations designed to support that client’s specific concerns and achieve targeted and measurable goals.

All client work is 1:1 and includes significant additional behind the scenes effort to determine what actions address the nutrition needs and goals. The approach is highly specific to the individual client and is provided by Kate Zink, FNTP.

Nutrition Services:

NTP Direct-Access 

Work one-on-one with Kate every 4-6 weeks over a 3-6 month period with ongoing support through direct messaging. Receive access to her Foundational Course, an independent and self-paced course to establish core principles and a firm footing towards better nutrition, as well as multiple client guides.

Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA)

A new offering for June 2024, the Functional Clinical Assessment is a skillset that allows the practitioner to assess imbalances and deficiencies within the body by using palpation and bio feedback. Testing assesses specific organs or systems for imbalance, allowing the practitioner to identify potential root causes behind the symptoms or concerns presented. The diagnostic information is paired with Lingual-Neural Testing (LNT) to create personalized, bio-individual recommendations that are uniquely tailored for each client. This technique pairs well with Nutritional Therapy to best choose what foods, supplements and organs need priority.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

The HTMA is a single session with a hair analysis that includes a consultation reviewing your bodies mineral status, metabolism and possible heavy metal exposure.

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