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Go “out of your mind” daily

Many of my patients express an interest in meditation but don’t know where to start. They list the books they have on their shelf that they intend(ed) to read

I am a big fan of the philosopher and educator Alan Watts and there are great number of resources where his audio recordings are available.

He elucidates the “why” and the “how” in a way that gets to the heart of the practice. I really like his approach and although this video/audio is over an hour, you can listen to it in sections (per your own ability to absorb) and come back to it. Refrain from attempting to “get it” in a single listen and be open to multiple listenings so all the layers have a chance to come together. 

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What is reality?

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has recently gained a lot of notice in the hyper-brief media snippet culture of today. Here is just a few minutes of video where builds bridges of meaning and invites us to perceive reality through the lens of a Taoist.

TEDxToronto – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson — Redefining Reality

As acupuncturist (and human being), I choose to witness reality in the same manner and it is a fundamental goal of each treatment to share this perspective with my patients.