Biomat Far-infrared Mat Tx

The Professional BioMat 7000MX is a US FDA 510K Approved Medical Device for pain. It warms the body and improves cellular circulation through far-infrared rays, negative ion therapy and the superconducting properties of pure amethyst to penetrate and support healing at the cellular level.


Whether you are looking to simply relax and ease fatigued muscles or you are looking for serious detoxification, the BioMat is an easy addition to your self care regiment. Lie on the full-length BioMat Professional and you will instantly feel the warmth of the infrared rays deeply penetrating your body as the negative ions deliver healing signals to your body. 

Based on scientific research

The Professional BioMat 7000MX’s unique medical and therapeutic properties are based on Nobel prize-winning research into ionic channels and the same infrared technology that NASA identified as the safest and most beneficial type of light wave. By producing deep-penetrating, far infrared rays along with negative ions that activate the body at the molecular level, the BioMat is capable of administering deeply soothing experiences:

    • Relieves minor muscle pain in areas where applied
    • Increases blood circulation in areas where applied
    • Reduces stress and fatigue
    • Soothes and relaxes
    • Eases minor joint pain, and stiffness
    • Supports the immune system
    • Improved sleep (if associated with pain relief)
    • Reduced inflammation (where applied)
    • Increased tissue oxygen (due to increased circulation where applied)
    • Temporary relief of Minor muscular back pain
    • Temporary relief of sprains and strains
    • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness
    • Temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis
    • Temporary relief of muscle spasms
    • Temporary increase of local circulation where applied
    • Relaxation of muscles
    • Promotes relaxation by application of heat
    • Promotes restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness


Service Fees

Payment methods include: cash, credit/debit card, Health Savings Account (HSA) debit card and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) debit cards. Payment due will be collected at the time of service. 

Fee Structure

Your expected service fees for the BioMat Far-infrared Tx is dependent upon the length of the treatment:

30 min: $30
60 min: $50

Discounts may be available via subscription and bundle packages. Inquire about purchasing your own personal BioMat. Possibilities can be discussed upon completion of your initial visit. Visit the Client Portal to request an appointment.

What about health insurance?

The BioMat 7000MX is a US FDA 510K Approved Medical Device for pain. Reimbursement for this service may be an option. Contact your insurance provider and ask: 

    1. Is far-infrared therapy included in my insurance coverage?
    2. For what conditions is it covered?
    3. Are there any exceptions?

Be sure to request a reference number from the member service agent to document the insurance details they provide.

Temperature & Intensity Settings

No Temperature 

Negative Ions Only: lights on the control panel bottom light up and “dance.” This means you have engaged the negative ions (and there’s no heat turned on). On this setting, you may experience:

    • Relaxation
    • Mood elevation
Cool Vitality:  95° – 104°

Safest for Sensitive and Extended Use; With this setting, you may experience:

    • General wellness program support
    • Regenerative sleep and recovery
Subtle Warmth:  113° – 122°

One Hour or More; On this setting, you may experience:

    • Balance and support of your overall well-being.
    • Aid to your immune and regulatory systems.
Deeply Penetrating Warmth:  131° – 140°

60 to 90 Minute Sessions; At this heat setting, you may experience:

    • Relief from pain, including joints and muscles
    • Reduction of stress
    • Profound relaxation and/or mood elevation
    • Higher consciousness
Deep Heat and Maximum Therapeutics:  149° – 158°

Power Sessions of 30 minutes to 1 Hour; This heat setting is potent, but please be careful not to over-do. You may experience:

    • Boost of blood circulation and purification
    • Sauna-level cleansing and detoxification

Additional information


30 min, 60 min, 90 min

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