Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks

The Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak is a 20-30 minute seated treatment where the feet and ankles are placed in a basin filled with a botanical tea solution. The  tea solution effectively introduces extremely high quality herbal botanicals into the body tissue and the blood stream through the skin of the feet and ankles. The therapy is very relaxing, and is engineered to help heal and restore your body of pain and fatigue.


The Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak solution can be prepared at home by experienced patients. Active patients familiar with the brewing instructions and the Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak process can graduate at home use. 

Traditionally used for relief from:

    • Peripheral neuropathy
    • Pain in the lower body (arthritis and arthralgias of the feet, ankles, knees, hips and low back)
    • Fibromyalgia pain
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Menstrual pain
    • Pain lingering from old, deep injuries.

Premium Ingredients from Tibet

The ingredients are a specific formula that consists of botanical herbs sourced from the pristine mountains of Tibet and are harvested in a manner that honors and empowers the local community.

Unlike a trendy foot “detox” and simple Epsom salt baths, the premium herbal ingredients, listed below, deliver more than a sense of warmth and parlor tricks.

    • Hong Jing Tian (Rhodiola Tibetica): increases oxygen in the blood, improves immune function, helps to mitigate long term/chronic fatigue
    • Zang Hong Hua (Stigma Croci) : lowers cholesterol , reduces clotting (majority of clots develop in the legs), powerful antioxidant
    • Qiang Huo (Notopterygii Rhizoma Et Radix) : highest quality herb designated for the elite of Beijing, arthritis pain, anti-inflammatory, inhibits fungi (assists with irregular heart rhythm), used extensively with cardiology patients
    • Zang Chang Pu (Acori Calami Rhizoma) : mild tranquilizing affect, antibacterial, regulatory effects on digestion system (without requiring ingestion diseases of the gut-brain axis)
    • Du Yi Wei (Herba Lamiophlomis Rotata) : stops hemorrhaging, promotes red blood cell production, kills pain, antioxidant
    • Ku Shen ( Radix Sophorae Fiavescentis) : anti, parasitic, anti-fungal, inhibits bacterial bio-films (bacterial bio films are mucus covered bacteria that are associated with chronic diseases like Parkinson, Alzheimer)
    • Sheng Jiang (Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens) : pain killer,
    • Ai Ye (Folium Artemisiae Argyi) : strong volatile antibacterial, anti fungal, inhibits blood clots
    • Tibetan Salt (Ka Ru Cha) : incredibly high in minerals that and acts as a mineral donor and catalyst (Video: Ka Ru Cha quality from Botanical Biohacking)

External use only

The foot soaks are very safe, however, this formula is contraindicated for patients with diseases that thrive and spread rapidly throughout the body, such as metastatic Cancer and common cold/flu. The treatment should not be performed if intoxicated or while hungry or immediately after ingestion.


    1. Avoid foot soaks if you have open wounds, bleeding disorder, infection, burns, or if you are hungry or within 30 minutes of a meal.
    2. Avoid doing foot soaks under draft.
    3. Avoid using this foot soak herbal formula if you are pregnant, have metastatic cancer or other situations that you should not move blood.
    4. Be cautious on children. Please consult with a qualified practitioner for children.
    5. Be cautious when you have a cold or allergies.
    6. Avoid foot soaks right after surgery. Wait for at least 7 days post-surgery.
    7. Avoid foot soaks for any other conditions that are not suitable to move blood or increase circulation.

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